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You Can’t Throw Me Away

In St. John chapter 8 we see the powerful idea of grace on full display. It’s a women caught in the very act of adultery. Considering the culture of the times the law dictated that this woman should be stoned. She was thrown at the feet of Jesus in utter shame and embarrassment by the Pharasies and Scribes. They wanted to see what Jesus would do with this “guilty” adulterer. Would He uphold to the law of Moses and consent to her stoning or would he break the law himself through His own actions?

As much as we may not want to admit it, this story is awkwardly and painfully relatable to all of us. How many times have we’ve been brought to our lowest point guilty and feeling unworthy of the grace and blessing of the Master Jesus.

Jesus did something unusual, He did something different, He showed them what grace looked like. Stooping to the ground, or bending forward, to write in the ground of the earth with His finger, Jesus challenged the fury driven mob with the words; He that is without sin cast the first stone? You see, we all should have been thrown away at some point, but Jesus with His finger showed us grace. The angry mob dropped their stones and walked away one by one. I believe that Jesus knew that although shamed and damaged, that women still had so much more in her future. Grace would not allow them to throw Her away. The woman acknowledging that her accusers were gone, Jesus did not condemn her either, rather He freed her. Go, and sin no more. Just like that she had a fresh start. I want you to be encouraged to know today that no matter what you’ve done, or what has happened to you, there is more! Confidently speak to yourself and say “YOU CAN’T THROW ME AWAY”. There is enough grace for your unique situation. Jesus is favorably leaning in your direction and telling you that today is your new beginning.

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