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The Lord Sees

Sundays at OLC are always special. I mean every single time we gather together, it’s such an incredible move of God and a life-changing and connecting experience. It never gets old. However, one Sunday was a bit unusual. As we continued the Life Word series, Watch Him Work, God begin to speak in such a profound way. It’s interesting because it seemed as if a lot was going wrong that day.

As a Pastor and leader, you’re always trying to position your team and congregation to effectively execute what the assignment is for each Sunday. On this Sunday, it just seemed things didn’t want to go our way. The live stream was not effectively outputting. The sound system seemed to have issues, and we were trying to pull everything into focus.

In the midst of it all God was talking. The word that was released was very profound in that, it reached many of us in a place in our heart that has been guarded from public view. Very simply, the Lord spoke to us and reminded us that He Sees. In Luke Chapter 7, you see Jesus, his disciples, and a crowd making their way to a city called Nain. As he approached the gates of the city, he encountered a funeral processional going in the opposite direction. The funeral procession was filled with hired mourners and weeping family members as they carried the box that held the deceased son of a widow. With so much commotion, and with such a large crowd something powerful took place. The Bible records, “When the Lord saw her." In the midst of all of the confusion, all of the hurt, all of the chaos, and in all of the pain, the Lord saw her. Jesus, at that moment was moved with compassion as he placed his hand on the coffin and spoke to the dead son, and said I say unto thee arise, and the dead boy sat up. Today, Jesus wants to remind you that He sees! Sometimes greater than the pain of the situation is the pain of feeling unseen.

The treacherous, turbulent road of those that are marginalized, ostracized, and even discriminated against is filled with potholes of frustration, anger, and resentment.

It’s the trembling voice of the hurting and the cry of those that are in pain that pierce through the barriers of silence in hopes that it will bring healing to open wounds.

The Pain is deep rooted. Because sometimes greater than the reality of the calamity and more painful than the problem that persists is the truth that we suffer and yet no one sees.

When we feel unseen, it can lead to frustration, and frustration to anger, and anger to bitterness, and we even will act out of character simply because we don’t feel seen.

They were in a processional headed out of the city. Traditionally, the dead was buried outside of the city. When Jesus saw Her, He touched Her situation and spoke to her problem. What was headed out of the city had to stop and turn around.

God is going to shift the momentum of your situation.

You may have been an outcast, you may be going through. You may be suffering in silence. You may be in a hardship that you’re trying to figure out on your own. You’re trying to save a marriage and you’re the only one working. You’re trying to figure out your finances and you’re lost.

In these moments I want you to remember, that the Lord sees you.

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